Genius Kids' Halloween Costumes You Won't Hate

Not into the cheaply-made, mass produced, dime-a-dozen costumes that ten other kids on your block will be wearing this year? Hate spending a fortune on a costume your spawn will only wear once? Our DIY Costume Guide helps you assemble costumes from multiple shops that can be worn individually the other 364 days of the year. Sounds like money well spent to us!

Fortune teller

Cape: $48, OS / Turban: $15, NB-Adult / Velvet dress: $50, sizes 4-10 /  Socks: $14, sizes 6M-4Y / Boots: $21.99, sizes 6T-12Y

Total cost: $148.99
Reusability score: 8


Spider dress: $42, sizes 3M-5T / Moccasins: $50, sizes 1-10 / Socks: $14, sizes 6M-4Y / Hat: $9.99, OS

For extra WOW, add a spiderweb cape: $130, OS

Total cost: $115.99 - $245.99
Reusability score: 6


Ruffled Boots: $49.90, sizes 4-8 / Batwing cape: $30-35, toddler-child sizes available / Hat: $30, sizes NB-5Y / Velvet dress: $28-36, sizes 6M-8Y

Total cost: $121.90- 134.90
Reusability score: 6

Candy corn

Crown: $18.95, sizes NB-Adult / Dress: $33-48, sizes 6M-8Y / Moccasins: $15, sizes 1-5 / Socks: $12, sizes NB- 7Y

Total cost: $78.95- 93.95
Reusability score: 7

 One stop shops for great costumes

When reusability isn’t a priority and you just want to place one order and be done, these one-piece, one-purchase costume shops are the place to go!

The Wishing Elephant / Belle Threads / Ever After Fairy Tales

Who knew Halloween could be so easy (and so stylish)? Now the hardest part is getting your kid to decide which one to choose!


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